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Bombardier Learjet 70

Bombardier Learjet 70
EARJET 70 -THIS IS CONNECTIVITY. The Learjet 70 business aircraft stops at nothing, eclipsing competition and soaring high above commercial traffic routes. Its fluid curves turn heads while passion and purpose meet on the way to passengers’ most important destinations. Innovative technology on board the Learjet 70 aircraft efficiently delivers passengers to stunning cities the world over. Inspired interior styling reflects the intelligent engineering that sets it apart from other light jets. Unrivalled comfort and expansive space open the skies to opportunities for passengers to make bold business moves or to relax. Power that thrills. Design that caters to your needs. Efficiency that exceeds expectations. This is Learjet aircraft ready to excel. 
  • The Vision Flight Deck offers industry-leading avionics, maximizing productivity, safety and convenience
  • Two Honeywell engines bring more power to the Learjet 70 business jet, allowing you to connect with more of your world, quickly and efficiently
  • From an innovative cabin management system to state-of-the-art communication features, the new Learjet 70 is the evolution of light jet excellence


Performance-driven, the Learjet 70 business jet delivers quick-climbing cruise power, exceptional hot and high capabilities, and precision landing gear that gives you greater access to shorter runways.

It swiftly rises above its competitors, climbing to 45,000 feet at an exhilarating pace, affording you the most direct routes and smoothest rides high above the weather.  With a commanding range of 2,060 nm, the Learjet 70 business jet links more major destinations nonstop, such as Chicago with San Juan, Frankfurt with Cairo or Shanghai with Brunei.


  • Honeywell TFE731-40BR engines 
  • Takeoff thrust of 3,850 lbs (17.1 kN) 
  • Flat rated to ISA +23°C
The Learjet 70 business aircraft is one of the most reliable and efficient combinations of airframe and powerplant. Two Honeywell TFE731-40BR engines capitalize on the aircraft’s excellent aerodynamics, striking the perfect balance between high technology and low operating costs and delivering higher thrust with modest fuel consumption.


Sleek, sophisticated, and technologically advanced, the cabin of Learjet 70 business jet is crafted with precision and furnished with fine details to deliver the utmost in comfort. This exquisite environment provides six passengers with spacious seating in a forward club configuration, and an interior that is significantly wider and more comfortable than passengers expect.

Your flight time is never lost time - the Learjet 70 aircraft is equipped with the latest communication and information technologies, keeping you connected to the people, news, and business interests that enhance productivity and sharpen your competitive edge.

Design & Features
With a maximum height of 4.92 ft (1.50 m) and a maximum width of 5.12 ft (1.56 m), the Learjet 70 business jet offers an exceptional cabin environment, providing the room and amenities you need to work, relax, or simply enjoy a meal.

Six passenger seats with integrated storage are configured in a forward-club formation with plenty of legroom.
Featuring a newly designed galley with increased work and storage space, the Learjet 70 business jet makes dining while flying more practical and pleasurable than ever. Galley enhancements in the Learjet 70 aircraft include a 27% increase in catering storage and a 33% increase in trash container size over its predecessor.

7" (18 cm) pop-up monitors enable passengers to watch videos and listen to satellite music as they fly from city to city. Dado panel compartments beside each seat provide additional space to store your work or personal items while flying to your next destination.

In the forward club section, two 20-inch (51 cm x 64 cm) executive tables fold out effortlessly from the side-ledges, transforming the Learjet 70 aircraft into your private office and allowing you to catch up on work as you cruise at high speed to your next destination.

Discreet and distinctive, the aft lavatory is separated from the rest of the cabin by solid panel doors. Standard features include a lighted vanity mirror and sink. As well, the externally serviced flushing toilet is equipped with a seat belt, providing takeoff and landing capabilities for an extra passenger.

Floor Plan

The Learjet 70 business jet offers abundant interior room, providing you space to work and a soothing environment in which to relax. Impressive new connectivity features include a video system featuring a 7” touchscreen display at most seats (emergency exit has a 4.3" touchscreen controller) with full audio/video control, a bulkhead-mounted 12.1” high-definition flat panel screen, and optional WiFi.
The cabin’s flat floor enhances the already generous seated head and shoulder room. Thoughtful design refinements and additions such as seats that swivel and recline, eco-friendly LED lighting, folding tables, and arm-ledge storage all contribute to your feeling of luxury in flight.
Standard Floor Plan
The standard floor plan for the Learjet 70 business jet features six passenger seats in a forward club configuration. Cabin seats that include inboard armrests and two folding tables are available at the forward seats.
Video System

Cabin Height
Cabin Width


Overall Height


The Learjet 70 business jet introduces new systems and enhancements destined to add higher levels of performance, efficiency and comfort to your travels- be they for business or pleasure.

Its forward-thinking avionics provide state-of-the-art systems management that supports optimum pilot performance on every flight. Newly refined winglets add to the aircraft’s exceptional performance and fuel efficiency. Class-leading technology features, such as a high definition cabin management system (CMS) featuring an Ethernet backbone, an iPod interface and touch-screens make the Learjet 70 business jet cabin highly appreciated by discerning travelers.



The Bombardier Learjet 70 business jet offers industry leading avionics that ensure superior value and a superlative pilot experience in all phases of flight. The result is a spacious, well-organized setting for maximum pilot productivity, safety, and convenience. Everything pilots need to know while flying - data, instruments, systems, avionics functions, maps, and weather - is in view and at their fingertips.

The state-of-the-art Vision Flight Deck ushers in new features to improve situational awareness, reduce pilot workload, and increase mission flexibility. The flight deck reveals countless best-in-class advantages:

  • 3 X 14” widescreen high resolution displays
  • Dual FMS
  • Synthetic Vision
  • Graphical flight planning
  • Paperless capable cockpit
  • Digital audio system
  • Datalink capable
  • Dual WAAS GPS with LPV and RNP approach capability
  • Surface awareness system
  • TCAS II 7.1
Two Primary Flight Displays show basic flight information, such as:

  • Attitude direction indicator and horizontal situation indicator
  • Present airspeed, altitude, and vertical speed
  • Active communication and navigation radio frequencies
  • Flight director mode and autopilot mode annunciators
  • Synthetic vision
  • Inset moving map imagery
  • On-screen soft keys for display control

In addition to the Engine Indication and Crew Alerting System (EICAS) window, the Multifunction Flight Display presents synoptic pages, electronic charts and maps, on-board maintenance, and airport/runway information. The MFD can operate in full-screen or split-screen mode. Up to four independent, multifunction display windows can be utilized between all three displays.
The Synthetic Vision System (SVS) is a database-derived application that provides a synthetic view of the external environment regardless of weather or time of day. The SVS image is derived from the terrain database incorporated in the avionics system. Coloring, shading, and texturing techniques are used to convey terrain information to the pilot via the main displays.
The Learjet 70 business jet has two digital air data computers that use pitot static and temperature measurements to compute operating parameters such as pressure altitude, altitude rate, indicated airspeed, Mach number, vertical speed, maximum operating speed, current barometric correction, and true airspeed.

Leveraging Bombardier’s unmatched engineering and integration expertise, all systems on board the Learjet 70 business jet assure proven reliability and uncompromising quality. The results are performance excellence, unequaled ease of maintenance and total operator confidence.

  • An independent fuel system is provided in each wing for its respective engine. Fuselage fuel is automatically transferred to both wing tanks as the engines use fuel. 
  • The hydraulic system is comprised of advanced materials and, along with tightly-controlled standards, provides dependable performance in all phases of flight. 
  • The aircraft’’s pressurization system provides a sea-level cabin up to 25,700 feet (7,833 m) and a maximum 8,000-foot (2,438-m) cabin altitude at 51,000 feet (15,545 m). This advantage translates into less dehydration and reduced fatigue for more comfortable flights.  
  • The aircraft is equipped with the highly effective, maintenance-friendly ice protection system.
  • The sophisticated Environmental Control System (ECS) provides optimal control of the aircraft environment, with dual-zone control for cabin and cockpit.
  • The electrical power systems assure the utmost in reliability and safety while dramatically reducing the time required for troubleshooting


Passenger safety is our paramount concern. Each aircraft innovation and technological advancement goes beyond enhancing your comfort and protecting your investment - it helps to ensure aircraft reliability and your overall safety.
Reliable and ready to perform, the Bombardier Learjet 70 business aircraft complies with rigorous industry standards and is certified at a high level.

Regulatory approvals for the Learjet 70 business jet include U.S. Federal Aviation Regulations 14CFR Part 25 and Joint Aviation Authorities JAR 25 Airworthiness Standards: Transport Category Aircraft, as specified in the respective type certificate data sheets, including day, night, Visual Flight Rules, Instrument Flight Rules, and flight into known icing.


Every detail of a Bombardier’s Learjet business jet interior is carefully designed and completed to fulfill your functional requirements and cater to your personal aesthetics. Our artisans and craftsmen will put their unique abilities to work and create the perfect interior for you.

Our completions approach includes the hands-on involvement of experienced designers and engineers who work with you to ensure that your high expectations are met. A dedicated Bombardier completions team will be assigned to see you through every phase, from the initial customer specification sessions in our modern showroom facilities to the engineering and manufacturing of your aircraft and the meticulous crafting of each of the cabin and cockpit details. This team of specialists from several disciplines will be available to you for consultation
The Bombardier Learjet Completion Center in Wichita, Kansas is an ultra-modern facility that boasts the highest quality and a breadth of expertise, technology, and fabrication methods. The center is equipped with advanced 3-D design software, including texture mapping and pattern flattening, and a modeling and digital animation program for industrial and interior design.

Bombardier Learjet Completion Center capabilities:

  • Aeronautical and mechanical engineering
  • Avionics and electrical design and integration
  • Interior design
  • Hand-crafted cabinetry
  • Custom upholstering
  • Composite, sheet metal, and machined parts manufacturing
  • Pre-fitting mock-ups
  • Certification
  • Composition shop
  • Burn test lab
  • Environmentally-controlled paint facilities

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