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ATR 72-200

The aircraft was designed as a high wing regional airliner in much the same guise as the ATR 42 but with a 4.5m stretched cabin able to take greater passenger numbers. Production of the first generation aircraft occurred between 1988 and 1998. The new generation variant the -500 is now the standard production model. The first flight was made on 27th October 1988 and after successful trials went into active service with KARAIR in April 1990. The next generation models of the ATR 72 received certification on 14th Jan 1997. The launch customer for the ATR 72-500 was American Eagle in July 1997. Notable features for the aircraft include vortex generators on the wings and tail plane. Construction materials included light alloys and greater use of composites for the wing roots. The next generation -500 variant utilises noise absorbing Carbon/Nomex and Kevlar/Nomex construction. Including 8 stiffened forward fuselage frames and active vibration absorbers. To Date Models are: ATR72-200, 201, 202, 211, 212 (Delivered in December 1992 as a hot and high derivative of the series) and the next generation -500 which included improvements noted above and with 6 rather than 4 bladed propellers.


First Flight date: 27 Oct 1988  
Certification date: 9 1989  


Fuselage width: 2.57 m 
Fuselage height: 7.65 m 
Fuselage length: 27.17 m 
Cabin length: 19.21 m 
Cabin width: 2.57 m 
Cabin height: 1.91 m 
Cabin volume: 76 m3 
Hold volume: 11 m3 


Empty operating: 12,400 kg 
Max zero fuel: 19,700 kg 
MTOW: 21,500 kg 
MLW: 21,350 kg 
Standard fuel capacity: 6,370 kg 
Max fuel capacity: 6,370 kg 


Normal cruise:  
Max cruise: 516 km/h 


Long Range Cruise alt: 2,323 m 
Max ceiling: 7,620 m 
Take off field length: 1,560 m 
Landing field length: 1,210 m 
Max Payload Range: 1,759 m 
Range notes:
Max passengers: 74  
Typical passengers: 64
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