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Chinook ICH-47F

Agustawestland Chinook ICH-47F
The ICH-47F Chinook helicopter is an AgustaWestland license built variant of the latest development of the world famous Chinook helicopter, the CH-47F, developed for and in service with the US Army. The ICH-47F customised version incorporates all features to meet the latest requirements of the Italian Army for Secure Communications system, Self protection system and Advanced Datalink system. This new ICH-47F Chinook has a MTOW of 50000 lb, is equipped with high power engines giving it excellent ‘hot and high’ capability and is suitable for operations during day/night, visual and instrument meteorological conditions. The primary tactical mission of the ICH-47F aircraft is to provide air transportation for internal/external cargo, troops and weapons within the combat area. The helicopters payload, long range and high cruise speed make the Chinook a unique asset. In addition, the helicopter is suitable for special support functions, disaster relief and fire fighting. The Joint Industrial Agreement between AgustaWestland and Boeing also includes a licensing arrangement that enables AgustaWestland to market, sell and produce these “Chinooks” for the United Kingdom and other Countries. 

Technical Data

Max take Off 22680 kg 50000 lb

Maximum Cargo Weights
Forward Hook 7727 kg 17000 lb
Center Hook 11818 kg 26000 lb
Aft Hook 7727 kg 17000 lb

Engine Rating (2 x Honeywell 55-L-714A)
Take Off power (2 x ) 3529 kW 4733 shp

Internal Dimensions
Length 9.29 m 30.50 ft
Height 1.98 m 6.50 ft
Width 2.29 m 7.50 ft

External Dimensions
Overall length 30.18 m 99.00 ft
Overall height (rotors turning) 5.77 m 18.93 ft
Rotors diameter 18.29 m 60.00 ft
Fuselage Length 15.87 m 52.00 ft
Fuselage Width 3.78 m 12.42 ft
Wheel base – Longitudinal (fwd wheel to aft wheel) 6,86 m 22.50 ft

General Performance
Max Speed 315 Km/h 170 kts
Max Cruise Speed 292 Km/h 158 kts
Max Range 740 km 400 nm
Service Ceiling 6100 m 20000 ft


  • Multi-point cargo hook
  • External rescue hoist
  • High intensity search light
  • Forest penetrator rescue system
  • Fast rope
  • Power down ramp
  • Engine air particle separator
  • Integrated Survivability Equipment (DAS)


  • Fully integrated CAAS cockpit with colour displays
  • HF, VHF/UHF, SATCOM multiband radios
  • New Generation IFF
  • Homer U/VDF
  • Obstacle Warning System
  • Multi-Mode Receiver (VOR/ILS/MB, DGPS, MLS embedded)
  • EO/IR sensor (FLIR)
  • Weather radar
  • Video recording
  • Airborne search & rescue system
  • Emergency Locator Transmitter
  • Air traffic transponder


  • Ramp machine gun (.50 caliber)
  • FW RH and LH machine guns (.30 caliber)

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