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Sukhoi Su-24МК
The upgraded front-line bomber Su-24MK is designed for bombardment with bombs and missiles in favourable and adverse weather conditions, in daytime and at night, including at low altitudes with pinpoint destruction of ground and naval surface targets.

Aircraft performance
Takeoff weight:
     - normal, kg 38,040
     - maximum, kg 43,755
Maximum landing weight, kg 27,900
Maximum internal fuel, kg 11,100
Normal ordnance load, kg 3,000
Maximum ordnance load, kg 8,000
Service ceiling (without external ordnance and stores), km 11
Maximum flight speed at sea level (without external ordnance and stores), km/h 1,315
Max Mach (without external ordnance and stores) 1.35
G-limit (operational) 6
Operational radius of action at sea level in mixed mode (Vcr in the 200-km area, V=900 km/h in other areas) with PTB external fuel tanks and 6x FAB -500M-62 bombs, km 615
Ferry flight range with 2xPTB-3000 external fuel tanks, km:
     - with PTB external fuel tanks dropped 2,775
     - with one in-flight refuelling 5,000
Takeoff run at normal take-off weight, m 1,550
Landing run at normal landing weight (with braking parachute), m 1,100
Aeroplane dimensions:
     - length, m 24.532
     - wingspan, m 17.638 (10.366)
     - height, m 6.193
Crew 2
In-flight refuelling system
Maximum flow rate (at entry pressure of 3.5 kg/cm 2), l/min 1,100
Number and type of engines 2 x AL-21FZA
     - in afterburner, kgf 111,200
     - at full power, kgf 11,200
     1. Attack and navigation system
          1.1. Digital computer device
          1.2. Doppler navigator
          1.3. Optical sighting device
          1.4. I/O device (I/O)
          1.5. On-board switchgear (OBS)
          1.6. Photo recording equipment set
          1.7. Control signal conditioner
          1.8. Onboard module of Tekon-1 television guidance system
          1.9. Laser/TV search and track system (LTVSTS)
          1.10. Radio command linkage
          1.11. Passive radar:
     - letter A and A' instrumentation pod
    - letter B, B' and C instrumentation pod
          1.12. Nose radar scanner (NRS)
          1.13. Collision-warning radar (CWR)
          1.14. Small-size inertial instrument system
          1.15. Low-range radio altimeter
          1.16. NRS video signal onboard processing block
          1.17. TV display
          1.18. GPS satellite-based navigation system
     2. Autopilot system
     3. IFF equipment
     4. VHF-UHF communications transceiver
     5. Short-wave radio
     6. Automatic direction finder
     7. Aircraft responder
     8. Electronic countermeasures system
          8.1. Radar warning receiver
          8.2. Jamming capabilities control device
          8.3. Active jamming system
          8.4. Infrared search and track sensor (IRSTS)
          8.5. Cartridge ejection mechanism
     9. Integrated defensive aids suite
     10. Long-range radiotechnical navigation system
     11. Short-range radiotechnical navigation system
     12. Flight data recorder system
     13. Camera
     14. Tape-recording mechanism, solid-state storage unit
     15. Combat performance monitoring equipment
     16. VCR
     17. Weapons control system
* As per equipment delivery specification
1. Guns Onboard 23mm gun with 500 rds
2. Guided air-to-surface missiles Kh-25ML
Kh-25MR (Kh-23M)
Kh-58E-01 (lit. A, A', B, C)
Kh-31P (lit. A, A', B, B', C)
3. Guided air-to-air missiles R-60MK (R-60), R-73E
4. Guided bomb units KAB-500KR, KAB-500L
5. Air bombs: AB-100
AB-250 (M54)
AB-250 (M62)
6. Cluster bombs RBK-250
7. Incendiary bombs S-24B
8. Unguided missiles: S-25-OFM
9. Small-size cargo pods KMGU-2
10. Pod guns SPPU-6
11. External fuel tanks PTB-2,000 (1,860 l),
PTB-3,000 (3,050 l)
12. Suspension points 8

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