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Sukhoi SU-30MK

The Su-30MK aeroplane has been designed on the platform of the Su-27UB; it is in series production in Komsomolsk-on-Amur and in Irkutsk.
The Su-30MK is a two-seat highly-manoeuvrable fighter designed for air-superiority and strikes at ground and naval surface targets using a variety of guided and unguided ADO, with an option of supporting group actions.

Aircraft performance
Takeoff weight:
     - normal (including rockets 2xR-27R1 + 2xR-73E, 5270 kg fuel), kg 24,900*
     - maximum, kg 34,500
     - max, kg 38,800
Maximum landing weight, kg 23,600
Max landing weight, kg 30,000
Maximum internal fuel, kg 9,640
Normal internal fuel, kg 5,270
Maximum ordnance, kg 8,000
Service ceiling (without external ordnance and stores), km 17.3
Maximum flight speed at sea level (without external ordnance and stores), km/h 1,350
Max Mach (without external ordnance and stores) 2.00 (1.9**)
G-limit (operational) 9
Maximum flight range (with rockets 2xR-27R1, 2xR-73E launched at half distance):
     - at sea level, km 1,270
     - at height, km 3,000
     - with one refuelling (at 1.500 kg fuel remaining), km 5,200
     - with two refuellings in flight, km 8,000
Maximum airborne time (pilot-dependent), hours 10
Takeoff run at normal takeoff weight, m 550
Landing run at normal landing weight (with braking parachute), m 750
Aeroplane dimensions:
     - length, m 21.9
     - wingspan, m 14.7
     - height, m 6.4
Crew 2
In-flight refuelling system
Maximum flow rate (at entry pressure of 3.5 kg/cm 2), l/min 1,100
Number and type of engines 2 x AL-31F (2 x AL-31FP***)
Thrust in afterburner, kgf 12,500 -2 %
     1. Fire control system
          1.1. Air-to-air fire control system
               1.1.1. Search and track radar
               1.1.2. IRST and laser rangefinder
           Optical search and track station
           Helmet-mounted target designator
               1.1.3. Wide-angle HUD
               1.1.4. IFF system interrogator
          1.2. Air-to-surface fire control system
               1.2.1. Coloured multi-purpose LCD indicators
               1.2.2. Onboard digital computer
               1.2.3. GPS satellite-based navigation system
               1.2.4. Weapons control system
     2. Aeroplane remote control system
     3. IFF system transponder
     4. Antenna feed system
     5. Flight navigation system
          5.1. Digital computer
          5.2. Attitude and heading reference system
          5.3. Short-range radiotechnical navigation system
          5.4. GPS system
          5.5. Autopilot system
          5.6. Altitude and speed data processing and display system
          5.7. Air data system
     6. Electronic countermeasure equipment
          6.1. Radar warning receiver with an expansion block
          6.2. Chaff and heat flare dispenser
          6.3. Radio jamming transmitter (in pod)
     7. Communications system
          7.1. VHF and UHF band communications transceiver
          7.2. VHF and UHF band communications transceiver
          7.3. SW band radio communications transceiver
     8. Onboard automatic control system
          8.1. Integrated onboard control and crew warning system
          8.2. Flight information recording equipment
          8.3. Onboard emergency situation warning equipment
     9. Video recording system
          9.1. Onboard video recorder
          9.2. Forward vision video camera
          9.3. Video controller
     10. Aircraft responder
     11. Telecommand homing system
     12. Pod-type IRST and laser rangefinder
Aircraft limit:
     - SLL, hours 3,000
     - to first overhaul, hours 1,500
     - service life, years 25
Engine and outboard accessory-gearbox life:
     - to first overhaul, hours 500
     - service life limit, hours 1,500
*May vary depending on the equipment configuration installed upon customer's request
**With canard surfaces installed
***With thrust vector control engine installed
1. Guns Onboard 30mm gun with 150 rds
2. Guided air-to-air missiles R-27R1(ER1) R-27T1(ET1) R-27P(EP) R-73E RVV-AYe
3. Guided air-to-surface missiles Kh-59ME Kh-31A, Kh-31P Kh-29T(TYe), Kh-29L
4. Guided bomb units KAB-500KR, KAB-500OD KAB-1500KR, KAB-1500L
5. Air bombs FAB-500T BETAB-500ShP ODAB-500PM OFAB-250-270 OFAB-100-120 P-50T Incendiary bombs
6. Cluster bombs RBK-500 SPBE-D
7. Unguided missiles S-8KOM, S-8OM, S-8BM S-13T, S-13OF S-25OFM-PU
8. External fuel tanks N/a
9. Suspension points 12
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