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Sukhoi Su-32
The Su-32 plane is a special-purpose version of the Su-27; its production is being set up in Novosibirsk.
The two-seat Su-32 fighter-bomber is designed for tactical deployment against air, ground and naval targets (including small and mobile targets) on solo and group missions in daytime and at night, under favourable and adverse weather conditions and in a hostile environment with counter-fire and EW counter-measures deployed, as well as for air reconnaissance.

Aircraft performance
Normal takeoff mass, kg 38,240
Maximum ordnance, kg 8,000
Service ceiling (without external ordnance and stores), km 15
Maximum flight speed at sea level (without external ordnance and stores), km/h 1,400
Maximum flight speed at altitude (without external ordnance and stores), km/h 1,900
G-limit (operational) 9
Maximum range, km 1,100
Ferry range, km 4,000
Maximum airborne time (pilot-dependent), hours 10
Aeroplane dimensions:
     - length, m 23.34
     - wingspan, m 14.7
     - height, m 6.09
Crew 2
In-flight refuelling system
Maximum flow rate (at entry pressure of 3.5 kg/cm 2), l/min 1,100
Number and type of engines 2 x AL-31F
Thrust in afterburner, kgf 12,500 -2 %
     1. Avionics
          1.1. Electronic countermeasures suite
          1.2. Multi-purpose forward-looking PAA radar
     2. Optical-electronic attack and navigation system
          2.1. Information visualisation system
          2.2. Onboard graphics station
          2.3. Laser/TV station
     3. Aeroplane control system
          3.1. Autopilot system
          3.2. Remote control system
     4. Communications system
     5. Integrated defensive aids suite
     6. Kh-59ME missile preparation and telecommand homing equipment pod
     7. Monitoring and recording system
          7.1. Onboard automatic monitoring and display system
          7.2. Unbiased monitoring equipment
          7.3. Flight information recording equipment
1. Guns Onboard 30mm gun with 150 rds
2. Guided air-to-air missiles R-27R1(ER1) R-27T1(ET1) R-73E RVV-AYe
3. Guided air-to-surface missiles Kh-59ME Kh-31A, Kh-31P Kh-29T(TYe), Kh-29L S-25LD
4. Guided bomb units KAB-500KR, KAB-500L KAB-500KR, KAB-500L
5. Air bombs FAB-500T BETAB-500ShP ODAB-500PM OFAB-250-270 OFAB-100-120 P-50T Incendiary bombs
6. Cluster bombs RBK-500 SPBE-D
7. Unguided missiles S-8KOM, S-8OM, S-8BM S-13T, S-13OF S-25OFM-PU
8. External fuel tanks PTB-3000 (3,050 l)
9. Suspension points 12
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