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Sukhoi Su-33
The Su-33 aeroplane has been developed on the platform of the Su-27; it is manufactured in Komsomolsk-on-Amur.
The Su-33 is a single-seat ship-based STOBAR fighter, with upward folding wings and horizontal tail surfaces (for hangar storage); it is equipped with probe-and-drogue flight refuelling capability. The Su-33 is designed for defence of naval ships from aerial threats.

Aircraft performance
Maximum takeoff weight, kg 33,000
Maximum ordnance, kg 6,500
Service ceiling (without external ordnance and stores), km 17
Maximum flight speed (without external ordnance and stores), km/h 2,300
G-limit (operational) 8
Maximum flight range, km 3,000
Landing approach speed, km/h 240
Crew 1
Aeroplane dimensions:
     - length, m 21.19
     - wingspan, m 14.7 (7.4*)
     - height, m 5.9
In-flight refuelling system
Maximum flow rate
(at entry pressure 3.5 kg/cm 2), l/min
Number and type of engines 2 x AL-31F
Thrust in afterburner, kgf 12,500 -2 %
     1. Fire control system
          1.1. Search and track radar
          1.2. IRST and laser rangefinder
               1.2.1. Optical search and track station
               1.2.2. Helmet-mounted target designator
          1.3. IFF system interrogator
          1.4. Unbiased monitoring system
          1.5. Wide-angle HUD
     2. Flight navigation system
          2.1. Attitude and heading reference system
          2.2. Radiotechnical system for short-range navigation, landing approach and landing of ship-based aircraft
          2.3. Doppler navigator
          2.4. GPS system
          2.5. International navigation system
     3. Marker radio receiver
     4. Remote control system
     5. IFF transponder
     6.Electronic countermeasure equipment
          6.1. Radar warning receiver
          6.2. Chaff and heat flare dispenser
          6.3. Radio jamming transmitter (in pod)
     7. Communications system
     8. Onboard monitoring system
     9. On-board flight data recording device
     10. Onboard voice information playback equipment.
     11. Emergency warning system
     12. Aircraft responder
* With folded wing panels and foreplanes
1. Guns Onboard 30mm gun
2. Guided air-to-air missiles R-27R1(ER1) R-27T1(ET1) R-73E
3. Unguided missiles S-8KOM, S-8OM, S-8BM S-13T, S-13OF S-25-OFM-PU
4. Bombs, calibre, kg 50, 100, 250, 500
5. Cluster bombs RBK-500
6. External fuel tanks n/a
7. Suspension points 12
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