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RST Distributor Cabin crew simulators

RST is the Airbus DS in-house provider of custom-built cabin simulators.
Our competences consist of the design, configuration and production of cutting edge cabin training devices, including the provision of extended after-sales support. 
As an Airbus supplier in the area of cabin development and customization, RST is in the unique position to provide state-of-the-art cabin trainers. 
We support our customers with consultation regarding trainer solutions to ensure a smooth operation of the training systems throughout their complete operational life cycle. We also offer refurbishment services to extend our simulator longevity.
RST is proud to develop the first A350 Cabin Trainer for Airbus. 
RST’s portfolio includes the full range of cabin simulators:
  • Door Trainers
  • Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainers
  • Overwing Exit Trainers
  • Cabin Service Trainers
  • Crew Rest Compartments.

Please refer to our portfolio for information regarding our past projects.
We would be happy to discuss with you your customized simulator needs.
For inquiries, please contact:
Christian Knueppel
Marketing and Sales
+49 (0)381 56 208


Door Trainers

A321 Door Trainer
RST offers door trainers (DT) with original or simulated doors, fully customized according to our customer’s specification and offering the latest engineering and software elements.
To enable a highly-realistic experience in training, the trainer interior is a one-to-one replica of the original aircraft, offering a variety of predefined malfunctions for diverse training purposes. Our trainers also include the option for a real or simulated emergency slide, as well as for visual landing scenario simulation with lighting and LED screens.  
Based on our customers’ diverse needs, RST offers door trainers for the entire Airbus family, such as A320, A330, A350, and A380, in either a simple or combined variation.

Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainers

A320 CEET On Motion
RST’s cutting edge cabin emergency evacuation trainers (CEET) enable a wider range of training possibilities aimed at evacuation procedures.
Our CEETs are full-scale cabin and cockpit replicas and offer an integrated environment with optical, acoustic and motion simulation, including door and emergency slide simulated malfunctions.
Our product offer includes various CEET systems for the entire Airbus aircraft family, fully adjusting our training systems to our client’s needs. For an example of our evacuation trainers, please refer to the CEET A320 data sheet

Overwing Exit Trainers

A320 Overwing Exit Trainer
RST additionally offers separate or fully integrated aircraft-specific overwing exit trainers (OWET).
Our customized OWETs allow for a thorough training of the overwing emergency exit procedure and significantly enhance training capacity when combined with a CEET.
Our engineering center offers an Airbus A320 OWET

Cabin Service Trainers

Airbus Business Class
Our cabin service trainer imitates a full range of interior elements and fixtures and provides a realistic environment for cabin crew service training. Cabin equipment galleys, overhead bins and stowage areas are included as fully operational replicas.
Simulated handsets give full passenger announcement and interphone functionality at each attendant station. Inflight entertainment systems can be fitted into cabin, and a range of optical and acoustical simulation elements is possible.
RST provides cabin service trainers for the entire Airbus aircraft family, and is ready to help you determine and optimize your service training needs..

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