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Dassault Falcon 2000S

The Falcon 2000S, announced at EBACE in May 2011, introduced an entirely new concept of performance, efficiency and value to the business jet market.
The twin-engined, 3,350 nm aircraft provides owners with a full size cabin with onboard connectivity, outstanding short-field and steep approach performance and the ability to make long inter-continental flights in comfort.
Yet, its fuel efficiency and operating costs are much less than that of jets in the next smaller category.
The 2000S features inboard slats, EASy II, the world’s most advanced flight deck with FalconEye, Dassault’s unique Combined Vision System option, along with one of the most competitive acquisition costs in its category. EASA/FAA certifications were received early April 2013.


External dimensions

Height23 ft 2 in / 7.06 m
Length Overall66 ft 4 in / 20.23 m
Wing Span70 ft 2 in / 21.38 m


Max. Takeoff Weight41,000 lb / 18,598 kg
Max. Landing Weight39,300 lb / 17,827 kg
Max. Zero Fuel Weight29,700 lb / 13,472 kg
Max. Fuel Weight14,600 lb / 6,622 kg

Engines & avionics

Type2 Pratt&Whitney Canada PW308C with new Talon II™ combustor for lower nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions. – 7,000 lb / 31.14 kN (Thrust, ISA + 15°C, SL)
CockpitEASy II Flight Deck (with Honeywell Primus Epic System)

Cabin dimensions

Cabin Length(excluding cockpit & baggage)26 ft 2 in / 7.98 m
Cabin Height74 in / 1.88 m
Cabin Width92 in / 2.34 m
Cabin Volume(excluding cockpit & baggage)1,024 ft3 / 29 m3
Baggage Volume130.6 ft3 / 3.7 m3


Range @ Long Range Cruise(6 pax, 2 crew, NBAA IFR reserves)3,500 nm / 6,482 km
MMO(Maximum Operating Mach Number)Mach 0.862
Takeoff Distance(SL – ISA,Max Take Off Weight)4,325 ft / 1,318 m
Landing Distance (Typical)(FAR Part 91, 6 pax, SL, NBAA IFR reserves)2,315 ft / 706 m
Approach Speed (Vref)(Typical Landing Weight)107 kias / 198 km/h
Max. Certified Altitude47,000 ft / 14,325 m
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