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Gulfstream G650ER

Extended Range version, with maximum takeoff weight increased by 4,000 pounds (1,814 kg) and an equivalent increase in fuel capacity; capable of flying 7,500 nautical miles (8,600 mi; 13,900 km) at Mach 0.85. Certified in October 2014. Fuel capacity of the wet wings is increased by a modification to the fuel system, through a service bulletin available as a $2 million retrofit for existing G650 aircraft. List price for new G650ER aircraft is $66.5 million in 2014.

THE GULFSTREAM G650ER- EXTENDING THE REACH, LEADING THE CLASS. Gulfstream’s flagship, the G650ER, extends the nonstop reach of the industry’s highest performance long-range business aircraft to 7,500 nautical miles/13,890 kilometers at Mach 0.85. Flying even faster at Mach 0.90, the G650ER will carry eight passengers 6,400 nautical miles/11,853 kilometers. Both are feats that no other business aircraft in the world can achieve.
The Gulfstream G650ER―establishing a new world standard for performance.

THE G650ER RANGE - CRUISE FARTHER FASTER THAN EVER. The range capability of the Gulfstream G650ER isn’t hypothetical—it’s reality, having already flown and documented key city-pair connections including Hong Kong to New York; and Los Angeles, California, to Melbourne, Australia.
The G650ER boasts a maximum takeoff weight 4,000 pounds/1,814 kilograms greater than the G650, which can be an advantage in adding fuel margin or increasing long-range cruise speed on ultralong-range routes.

THE G650ER FLEXIBILITY - DOING WHAT NO OTHER AIRCRAFT CAN. The additional range capability of the G650ER significantly increases the number of nonstop connections possible between cities. From Dubai, fly nonstop to Atlanta. From Hong Kong, most of the U.S. Eastern Seaboard is now a direct flight. A dozen cities now connect nonstop with Sydney, including Riyadh and Dallas.
In today’s fast-paced international marketplace, the speed and quality of establishing business connections matters. If your mission includes flights half a world away, the G650ER offers the advantage of flying the fastest and longest routes possible by any business aircraft.
With a 103,600 pound/46,992 kilogram maximum takeoff weight, the Gulfstream G650ER provides the mission flexibility to fly longer routes at higher cruise speeds or carry heavier payloads on shorter missions. Cruising at near supersonic speed (0.90 Mach) the G650ER will comfortably carry eight passengers 6,400 nautical miles/11,853 kilometers.

THE G650ER INTERIOR- AN ENVIRONMENT OF STYLE AND COMFORT. A Gulfstream G650ER cabin provides the ultimate blend of form and function. Flexible cabin design and the option to customize offers owners control of their environment―whether it’s the need for a private stateroom, a large conference space or individual work areas.
Wide seats and generous aisle spaces are benefits of the G650ER, and the sense of spaciousness is further enhanced by 16 Gulfstream panoramic windows, the largest in the industry, that stream sunlight into the cabin and galley.

Gulfstream G650ER
The G650ER cabin is replenished with 100 percent fresh air every two minutes. And with the lowest cabin altitude in the class, matched only by its sister ship, the Gulfstream G650, passenger heart and lungs can more easily oxygenate the blood, which reduces fatigue and ensures a more alert and refreshed arrival many time zones later. At a cruise altitude of 45,000 feet/13,716 meters, a G650ER cabin is pressurized to an altitude of 4,060 feet/1,237 meters. That cabin altitude is almost two times lower than commercial airlines and significantly better than any non-Gulfstream aircraft in the large-cabin class.


Maximum Range *(Mach 0.85, 8 passengers, 4 crew and NBAA IFR reserves)13,890 km
High-SpeedMach 0.90
Long-RangeMach 0.85
MMO(maximum operating Mach number)Mach 0.925
Takeoff Distance(SL, ISA, MTOW)1,920 m
Initial Cruise Altitude12,497 m
Maximum Cruise Altitude15,545 m
* NBAA IFR theoretical range. Actual range will be affected by ATC routing, operating speed, weather, outfitting options and other factors


Maximum Takeoff46,992 kg
Maximum Landing37,875 kg
Maximum Zero Fuel27,442 kg
Basic Operating(including 4 crew **)24,494 kg
Maximum Payload **2,948 kg
Payload with Maximum Fuel **816 kg
Maximum Fuel21,863 kg
** Stated weights are based on theoretical standard outfitting configurations. Actual weights will be affected by outfitting options and other factors.


Length30.41 m
Overall Span30.36 m
Height7.82 m


Total Interior Length16.33 m
Cabin Length(excluding baggage)14.27 m
Cabin Height1.96 m
Cabin Width2.59 m
Cabin Volume60.54 cu m
Baggage Compartment(usable volume)5.52 cu m


AvionicsGulfstream PlaneView™ II
EnginesTwo Rolls-Royce BR725 A1-12
Rated Takeoff Thrust(each)75.20 kN
PassengersUp to 19
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