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Pilatus PC-24

The Pilatus PC-24 is a twin-engine business jet produced by Pilatus Aircraft of Switzerland. Designed to combine light-jet speed, climb and altitude capability with twin-turboprop capacity, short-field / rough-field capability, and general utility, the airplane was viewed as a twin-engined, jet upgrade of their single-engine, turboprop PC-12, and a competitor to the Cessna Citation CJ4 and Embraer Phenom 300.
The aircraft was first revealed to the public on 21 May 2013, with the maiden flight on 11 May 2015. The PC-24 received EASA and FAA type certification on 7 December 2017 and the first customer delivery was on 7 February 2018.
“The first Swiss-made jet aircraft is going to be a bestseller”
The World’s First and Only SVJ
The PC-24 is simply unique. It’s the only aircraft combining the versatility of a turboprop with the cabin size of a medium-light jet, and the performance of a light jet. It’s a plane that simply doesn’t fit into any of the existing business jet categories. That’s why we had to create a new one: the Super Versatile Jet (SVJ) category. The PC-24 has been engineered to be “off-road” compatible from the beginning. Its outstanding short-field performance – even on unpaved runways – opens up an incredible level of mobility.
Go Where No Business Jet Has Gone Before
There are around 10,650 airports in the world that you can access with an aircraft able to operate on runways with a length of 3,130 feet (954 m). There are an additional 1,050 airports that become available when your aircraft needs only 2,810 feet (856 m). Of course, in both cases these runways will have to be paved.
Now let’s look at the number of runways around the world that offer a length of at least 2,810 feet (856 m) but feature unpaved surfaces – like grass or gravel. Over 20,000! So with the PC-24, you will have access to almost 100 % more airports around the world. That means you can fly closer to your final destination than with any other business jet. You’ll be able to use smaller airports and avoid massive administrative procedures, and reduce ground transfer time to an absolute minimum.

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