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Tupolev Tu-204СМ

The aircraft meets Russian and international flight safety requirements, including newly introduced requirements of ICAO and Eurocontrol, and ETOPS-120 requirements. According to its performance, Tu-204СМ is highly competitive with its foreign analogues.
Tu-204СМ exceeds its predecessors of the Tu-204 family in navigational and flying performance, meets world's fuel efficiency, comfortability and maintenance performance requirements, including ICAO Chapter 4 perceivable noise requirements.
By the decision of the Aviation Register of the Interstate Aviation Committee, a Supplement to Type Certificate No СТ223-Ту-204-120CE/Д10 for Tu-204СМ aircraft was issued to "Tupolev" JSC on 31/05/2013.
The program of developing modernized Tu-204СМ aircraft includes the following:
Introduction of advanced technical solutions into the design, improvement of  production technology.
Installation of the equipment to meet future Eurocontrol, ICAO, P-RNAV, ETOPS requirements.
Reduction of operation costs (improvement of  maintainability and reliability, service life  and vendor items guarantee period extension). Easy and cheap maintenance support at base and  intermediate airfields.
New approaches to arrangement of after-sales service.

Tu-204CM aircraft realizes the concept of significant extent of computerization of flight control processes on all flight phases:

Advanced flight and navigation equipment based on native complexes manufactured by “Aviapribor-Holding” JSC: Flight and Thrust Control Computer System ВСУПТ-85-204, Flight Management System (FMS) ВСС-100-1 which provides automatic vertical and horizontal navigation modes in compliance with RVSM and P-RNAV international requirements. The Aircraft equipment provides for meeting ETOPS requirements.
Digital upgraded Air Data System due to new layout and updated elements became more effective and reliable
New General Aircraft Equipment Control System СУОСО-204 which increases the level of piloting automation.
Advanced Airborne Maintenance System БСТО-204, which provides monitoring of airborne systems technical state (on Electronic Flight Instrument System display) in order to reveal and register the failures. The system also provides testing by means of ground testing device which cuts the operational costs down.
Highly ergonomic cockpit  is equipped with Integrated Electronic Flight Instrument System КСЭИС-204Е with enhanced display diagonal and navigation manipulator of trackball type.
Passengers of Tu-204CM are provided with high level of individual comfort: spacious overhead compartments, sound absorbing structures, providing low noise level in the passenger cabin. The aircraft has audio and video systems for in-flight entertainment of passengers and solid-state lighting equipment.

Flight crew size
2 pers.
Number of passengers
166-215 pers.
Maximum takeoff weight
108,000 kg
Maximum landing weight
89,500 kg
Maximum payload
23,000 kg
Maximum fuel weight
35,800 kg
Cruise speed
830-850 km/h
Cruise altitude
10,600-12,200 m
Range with maximum payload
4,200 km
Aerodrome class
B (code D ICAO)
Runway length
1,950 m
Landing category
Perceivable noise
according to ICAO Chapter 4 Annex 16
Estimated service life
60,000 f.h.
45,000 flights
25 years
Power plant PS-90A2
The engines PS-90A2, certified according to AP-33, are used as a power plant of Tu-204СМ.
The engine design includes a number of technical solutions, aimed at high operating economy and extended time between overhauls.
 The engine is certified in accordance with AP-33.
Service life of the main parts:
- cold portion, cycles - 20,000
- hot portion, cycles - 10,000
- increased time between overhauls
Engine start and operation on the ground can be performed at the altitude up to 4,500 m, and during flight - up to 12,000 m. Engine operation within specified performance is provided at an ambient temperature on the ground from -50°С to +45°С. Engine start is performed at an ambient temperature of -40°С and above.
Emergency thrust (repeatedly), kgf
(Н=0, V=0, ISA)
Specific fuel consumption, kg/kgf h
Bypass ratio
Engine weight (except pylon), kg
Maximum cruise thrust, kgf
Cruise specific fuel consumption, kg/kgf h
Proposed layout variants

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