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Diamond DA62

DA62 - The ultimate flying machine – speed, style and space for 7. The DA62 moves more passengers and equipment further and faster than anything else in its class, with exceptional fuel efficiency, luxury and twin-engine security.
Space. Performance. Efficiency. Luxury.
The Ultimate Flying Machine

- 7 place, three-row seating
- Excellent cabin access
- Luxurious leather interior
- G1000NXi with 3-axis GFC700 & Yaw Damper
- Twin 180hp jet fuel AE330 engines
- Superb performance in all phases of flight
- High fuel efficiency
- TKS known ice protection (FIKI)

The all new DA62 fills the gap between high performance single pistons and entry level turboprops. With a spacious cabin, offering optional three row seven passenger seating, excellent payload and exceptionally low fuel burn, the DA62 is best described as a flying luxury SUV.
The DA62 represents the ultimate development of Diamond’s piston aircraft line, incorporating decades of experience in certified composite airplane construction, safety, jet fuel piston powerplants and advanced avionics integration.
The DA62 will impress pilots looking for more seats and utility, as well as charter operators and corporate flight departments wanting to complement their larger aircraft with a low cost alternative for shorter trips.
The performance, stability, handling characteristics and ease of operation of the DA62 make it easy to transition from single engine to twin. Excellent single engine performance offers a wide margin of safety that single engine aircraft simply do not have. Especially when flying in inclement weather, over inhospitable terrain, over water and at night, nothing beats the safety of continued flight in case of engine failure.

The DA62 spoils pilots and passengers alike, with an extra-large cabin, generous and adjustable front seats, a 60/40 split folding three seat second row bench and optional folding two seat third row bench.
Comfortable access for all on board is assured through the two forward gull wing doors and the huge rear door that provides access to all rear seats. Baggage is stowed in the generous nose compartments and cabin, offering maximum loading flexibility for any mission. Luxury features abound throughout, including premium interiors in several styles, colors and materials, all LED interior lighting, optional electric air conditioning and more.
The sleek all carbon composite airframe incorporates advanced aerodynamics with the latest in passive safety technology for high performance, great efficiency and superior occupant protection. Further enhancing the dynamic and elegant lines, are the unlimited choices of available colors and paint designs.

Currently Approved Colours

Interested in other colours or custom schemes, please contact our sales representatives to discuss further.

The turbocharged Austro AE330 jet fuel piston engines perfectly match the DA62’s aerodynamically efficient airframe, burning only 17.1 gph, combined, at a high speed cruise of 192 ktas, and little as 9 gph at max endurance speed.
Control is jet-engine simple, with each engine / propeller combination controlled by a single power lever and power settings displayed in % power. Simplified power control means that you can focus on more important things – and that is not just more convenient, but safer too.
The 3 blade MT hydraulic constant speed propellers feature advanced blade geometry for efficient performance, smoothness and low noise. They are automatically controlled by each engine’s digital engine control through conventional hydraulic governors. Feathering is as simple as flipping a single switch.
The DA62’s AE330 180 hp jet fuel piston engines are a refinement of the well proven AE300 170 hp engine, in service in Diamond’s DA40 and DA42 since 2009. With over 1,200 engines in service and a total fleet time of well over 600,000 hrs as of November 2015, the AE300 has proven itself to be smooth, reliable and efficient.
Austro Engines and MT Propellers are supported by North American based factory support and parts centres and a network of Authorized Service Centres.
For more information our sister company Austro Engines please click here.

The fully integrated Garmin G1000NXi flight deck with standard 3-axis GFC700 Automated Flight Control System and yaw damper and Electronic Stability and Protection, is complemented by a long list of avionics options to perfectly suit your mission. Integrated weather radar, normally available only on much more expensive aircraft, is available as are Traffic Alerting, Synthetic Vision, and much more. The Line Replaceable Units (LRU’s) are located in a dedicated and externally accessible forward avionics bay, for ease of maintenance and trouble shooting.

Diamond’s industry-leading safety record is the result of our commitment to protecting you and your passengers with a long list of active and passive safety features.
Active safety features help to avoid accidents in the first place, the first and most important line of defence. Passive safety features are designed to minimize the probability and degree of injury, in case the unexpected happens.
The DA62 offers the ultimate in handling, stability and control, ease of operation and structural, system and propulsion redundancies, all coupled with a high degree of crashworthiness.

- Airframe & Powerplant
- 2 x 180hp Austro Engine AE330 jet fuel piston engines
- FADEC single lever power controls
- 2 x MT 3-blade constant speed propeller
- All carbon airframe structure
- Multi-path lightning protection system
- Hydraulic retractable landing gear
- Electric flap system
- 26g cabin and seats
- Premium leather interior
- Reclining pilot and co-pilot seats with adjustable lumbar support
- 3-point automatic reel seat belts (all seats)
- Electrically adjustable rudder pedals
- Power and USB outlets
- Overhead LED cabin lights
- HID-Xenon landing and taxi lights
- LED position and strobe lights
- Left and right nose baggage compartments

GARMIN G1000NXi glass cockpit with:
- 10-inch primary flight and multifunction displays
- GFC700 3 axis AFCS with yaw damper
- ESP (electronic stability & protection)
- GEA 71 airframe/engine interface unit
- Dual GIA 63WAAS Com/Nav/GPS/GS/Loc
- GMA1347 digital audio system
- GTX 335R Mode S Transponder (ADS-B Out)
- GDC72 digital air data computer
- GCU 476 keypad
- GMU44 magnetometer
MID CONTINENT MD-302 SAM digital standby attitude module
Kannad 406 AF-Compact Emergency Locator Transmitter

Avionics Options
Garmin GWX70 weather radar, 20 lbs
Garmin GSR56 iridium satlink (subscr. req), 2 lbs
Garmin GDL69A satlink – XM weather & radio (subscr. req), 7 lbs
Garmin GTX 33ES transponder (ADS-B out), 0 lbs
Garmin Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT), 0 lbs
Avidyne TWX670 tactical weather detection system, 7 lbs
Avidyne TAS605 traffic advisory system, 15 lbs
Jeppesen ChartView approach plates (subscr. req), 0 lbs

Airframe Options
Electric air conditioning, 90 lbs
TKS ice protection system (FIKI), 55 lbs
Integrated oxygen system, 31 lbs
AmSafe airbag seatbelts, 5 lbs
Metallic two-tone paint, 22 lbs
3rd row seatbench with folding seatback, 55 lbs


Specifications subject to change without notice. Always consult the Aircraft Flight Manual.
Max Take-off Weight 5,071 lbs
Max Zero Fuel Weight 4,850 lbs
Max Landing Weight 5,071 lbs
Standard Empty Weight1 3,461 lbs
Useful Load1 1,609 lbs
Max Fuel Weight1, 2 605 lbs
Full Fuel Payload1, 2 1,004 lbs
1, 2 Weights and Loads shown are for standard configuration. Selection of optional features may affect these weights. S/N specific Production variances can occur. 2 Fuel density assumed at 7.01 lbs / USG

Approved Fuels JET A-1, JET A, JP-8, others per AFM
Fuel capacity 89 USG
Fuel, Unusable 2.6 USG

Vne 205 KIAS
Vmc 70 KIAS (Flaps T/O)
Vr 78 KIAS (Flaps T/O)

Landing Gear Speed Limits
Extension Vloe 205 KIAS
Retraction Vlor 162 KIAS

Flap Speed Limits
Vf1 (T/O) 136 KIAS
Vf2 (LDG) 119 KIAS
Max Demonstrated Cross Wind 25 kts

Cruise Performance
High Speed Cruise1 192 ktas @ 87% Power / 17.1 gph (16,000 ft, ISA)
Economy Cruise1 159 ktas @ 60% Power / 11.8 gph (12,000 ft, ISA)
Max Endurance2 9.5 hrs @ 45% Power / 9.0 gph (16,000 ft, ISA)
Max Range2 1345nm @ 50% Power / 9.7gph (16,000 ft, ISA)
1 at 4,400 lbs
2 No reserve

Runway Performance
T/O Dist @ 4,400lbs (grnd roll / over 50ft obst)
1263ft / 2093ft
T/O Dist @ MTOW (grnd roll / over 50ft obst)
1575ft / 2733ft
LDG Dist @ 4,400lbs (grnd roll / over 50ft obst)
1257ft / 2316ft
LDG Dist @ MTOW (grnd roll / over 50ft obst)
1447ft / 2556ft

Climb Rate
1,200 fpm @ 92% power1 6000' Density Altitude, ISA
1,320 fpm @ 100% power1 Sea Level, ISA
1 @ 4,400 lbs

Certified Ceiling, Normal Ops 20,000 ft
Certified Ceiling, Single Engine 13,000 ft


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